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I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that Winter overstayed its welcome these last few months, and now that things are finally starting to heat up, it seems like the tunes are following suit.

With a twinkling and infectious power pop sound in tow, San Francisco’s Cocktails are full of fun and fueled by good vibes and it shows in their music. Their latest Father/ Daughter Records release, Adult Life, marks the band’s first full length album and judging from the initial impressions of its first single, “Tough Love”, Cocktails are looking to deliver something cool and refreshing with this upcoming release. Although “Tough Love” sounds like it easily could’ve came out of a jukebox during an episode of Happy Days, it still casually basks in the rays of modern day indie as well, and that’s what makes it endlessly charming. 

Adult Life is set to drop on June 17th via Father/ Daughter and you can expect to see it make an appearance on vinyl in the shade of virgin black or creamsicle haze.

Author: Jon

23 April 2014 ·

Cocktails new long player out June 17th!

Hear ye, hear ye, it is my extreme pleasure to introduce Adult Life, the debut full-length from San Francisco’s Cocktails! Recorded with Rob Good of Warm Soda at his Fuzz City studio in Oakland, CA, Adult Life recalls music at its most carefree while referencing the dreaded tragedy of adulthood. Make sure to snag one of the 100 limited Creamsicle Haze 12”s before they disappear!

(Source: soundcloud.com)

15 April 2014 ·

10 April 2014 ·

8 April 2014 ·

Faux Real!

Our Record Store Day jam hath been announced! Cop Sadie’s rad Josie cover + 8 other unheard covers exclusively on the 12” LP, limited to 500, and only available on RSD at participating stores who order it (bug them!!) This won’t be available digitally or ANYWHERE OR ANYTIME ELSE!

19 March 2014 ·

Hundred Waters bringing the house down in their new video

Much love to this crew - they deserve the praise!

4 March 2014 ·

Anonymous asked: Why did you charge $6 for your album?


hey, you asked me this a while ago and i’ve been thinking about it a lot since then. sorry it took so long to respond, it just seemed like a question that deserved a real answer.

my whole life i’ve dealt with a lot of depression, specifically about my own worth. for a long time i felt as if my life had no thrust or purpose, and after four years of working on the most personal, and straining thing i’ve done i felt like i needed to feel some sort of tangible give back. i needed to feel like it was worth something to me. six dollars seemed right.

on the other hand i know that there are people (myself included) who don’t have the disposable income to support the artists that they love, and can’t own my album. i’ve tried to accommodate those people as much as i can by sending people who can’t afford the album download codes whenever they contact me.

on a larger scale i think we can all agree that art has worth outside of bullshit financial structures. art changes lives, and builds communities. modest mouse and jeff mangum got me through high school, jean luc godard and the beatles got me through my semester of college and made me realize i could drop out and be ok. i could list every song, movie, video game, and book that has changed my life, but it sort of feels like a waste of time. we all know that those things have worth, and we don’t need a receipt to tell us that. but to even be one step closer to being able to live off of the thing that i’ve devoted my life to is something that comforts me not only fiscally, but also spiritually.

to anyone that can’t afford to download Wendy and wants to, i urge you to message me. you don’t have to explain your situation, i understand that can be embarrassing. if i can help you i will.

hope this answered your question


Henry rules!

28 February 2014 ·

25 February 2014 ·

Love Hard this Tuesday

Flagland's epic new record is officially out tomorrow but listen to it today. Catch 'em shredding faces and hearts on tour now with Washer!

2/24 - O’Brien’s - Boston, MA
2/25 - Monkey House - Winooski, VT
2/27 - The Stood - Purchase NY
2/28 - Dog Morgue - Philadelphia, PA
3/1 - Shea Stadium - Brooklyn, NY (RECORD RELEASE w/ Lost Boy?, Ovlov, Dead Tenants, Washer)
3/5 - 538 Johnson - Brooklyn, NY (w/ Vulture Shit, bbigpigg, GYMSHORTS
3/7 - Cameo Galler - Brooklyn, NY (Jackpot, Tiger release show w/ Laser Background, Bears)

24 February 2014 ·

Sweeten Your Black Heart With Flagland's 'Sugarcube'

A Valentine’s Day jam for the optimists.

13 February 2014 ·

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